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Presentation on the Financial Health of Penn State University

Published: at 12:00 PM

Over the last year and half of the pandemic, the PSU administration has failed to give an account of its decision processes regarding testing methods, quarantining procedures, salary and hiring freezes, and more. As part of the Coalition for a Just University at PSU’s efforts to hold the administration accountable, we crowd-raised the funds to hire an external financial auditor, Dr. Howard Bunsis, who performed an analysis of the current financial status of Penn State. Dr. Bunsis presented his findings Thursday, April 29, 2021 in a public meeting via Zoom.

Dr. Howard Bunsis was recently commissioned to conduct a financial analysis of Penn State University during the COVID-19 pandemic and a video recording of his full presentation is available here. We strongly encourage everyone to check out the presentation and also read CJU’s executive summary of the presentation, which is available here.

In solidarity,
The CJU/PSU Coordinating Committee