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The Coalition for a Just University at Penn State (CJU/PSU) formed in the wake of the Open Letter to the Penn State Administration Regarding Plans for the Fall and the Response to COVID-19 that circulated in the Summer of 2020 and was signed by more than 1,100 faculty members and nearly 500 graduate students, undergraduates, staff, and other members of the Penn State community. We are committed to working for greater transparency, equity, job security, and for the meaningful involvement of faculty and other workers in decision-making processes at the university.

CJU/PSU has a horizontally organized and self-regulating organizing committee (OC) that meets regularly, and several ad-hoc working groups. Please contact the OC at cjupsu at The OC maintains a low-volume email list for Penn State community members. Please also contact the OC to join this list.

Our previous website/blog is still available at cjupsu dot wordpress dot com, and we have only transferred a limited set of posts here.